What you need:

-1 Rainbow Loom Set

-rubber bands

-c clip


-rubber bands


-c clip

How to makeEdit

  1. Choose your bands
  2. take your first band
  3. hook it from the first middle peg with arrows pointing away from you to the second left peg
  4. get your second band
  5. hook it from the second left peg to the third middle peg
  6. repeat steps until you get to the end
  7. take your plastic tool
  8. turn the loom around so arrows point to you
  9. go to the second rubber band closest to you and, with the hook pointing inwards, loop it over the peg diagonally to the next peg with rubber bands
  10. repeat
  11. still with the backwards loom, take your c clip
    How To Make the Rainbow Loom Single Band Bracelet-003:11

    How To Make the Rainbow Loom Single Band Bracelet-0

    Instructional video

  12. hook it onto the first one closest to you
  13. take it off
  14. put the other side of the bracelet in the c clip
  15. finshed!

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